#!/bin/sh wget http://download.sagetv.com/linuxbeta/EULA.txt cat EULA.txt | more while [ "1" -ge 1 ]; do echo Do you accept the license agreement? [YES/NO] read agree case $agree in "YES" ) break;; "NO" ) exit;; *) continue;; esac done # Make sure server isn't running /opt/sagetv/server/stopsage echo Downloading SageTV server wget http://download.sagetv.com/linuxbeta/server.tar.gz tar -xzf server.tar.gz -C /opt/sagetv/server echo Download SageTV client wget http://download.sagetv.com/linuxbeta/miniclient.tar.gz tar -xzf miniclient.tar.gz -C /opt/sagetv/client echo Press enter to reboot the system read blah reboot